Liturgical Minister Schedules

Eucharistic Ministers, Readers, Altar Servers, Ushers and Sacristans are all now on one combined schedule.

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Church Ministries


Pastoral Council—
Michael Crocker 503-866-2954

Finance Council—
Jim Doherty 503-460-2510

Buildings and Grounds—
Erin Couch 503-281-9575

School Advisory Council—
Andy Boots 503-312-1615

Safety & Security Committee—
James Wurzer ext.18

Care for Creation Committee—
Shauna Mohr 503-250-1767

Development Directors, The Madeleine Parish—
Dirk Fournier 503-939-7110
Deacon Mike O’Mahoney ext.16

Parish Center Management & Events—
Jackie Dooris ext.17

Facilities Requests—
Janeen Reilly ext.10

Field of Dreams Scheduling—
James Wurzer ext.18

Gym Scheduling—
Angela Rosebrook 503-288-9197

Rich Hammons, ext.29
(Deadline for submissions: Monday, 5 pm)

Bulletin Advertising—
Nadia Stickney ext.14


Ministry Scheduling—
Martin Schneider 503-235-0578

Altar Server Coordinators—
Michael Crocker 503-866-2954

Eucharistic Ministers—
Sandy Turner (503) 282-3516

Deacon Mike O’Mahoney ext.16

Ministers of Hospitality—
Martin Schneider 503-235-0578

Liturgical Commission—
Deacon Mike O’Mahoney ext.16

John Seeronen 503-284-1874

Patt Seeronen 503-284-1874

Azita Goljahani Father Mike ext.11

Art & Environment—
Susie Andersen 503-231-9882


Contemplative Prayer—
Anne Feeney 503-335-3115

Children’s Liturgy of the Word—
Julie Onderko ext.27

Faith Formation—
Julie Onderko ext.27

Marriage Preparation—
Deacon Mike O’Mahoney ext.16

Men’s Group—
Bob Turner 503-282-3516

Small Faith Groups—
Marilyn Robb 360-694-0528

Vocations Committee—
Quenton Czuba 503-288-3812


Altar Society—
Sandy McDermott 503-287-3180

Book Club—
Gretchen Stevenson 503-312-6834

Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts—
Steve Karolyi 503-282-6059

Funeral Receptions—
Jackie Dooris ext.17

Grief & Bereavement Group—
Leader Needed! Contact Father Mike

Hospitality Committee—
Deacon Mike O’Mahoney ext.16

Knights of Columbus—
Jim Jones 503-284-3301

Ann Hart,

Soup with Friends—
Margaret O’Connell,
Mary Clare O’Brien 503-309-7639

Silver Exchange—
Nita Oliver


Blanchet House—
Bill Johnson 503-281-2230

Janus Greenhouse—
Lisa Hawkins 503-493-0782

Peace & Justice Committee—
Denise Mathes 202-329-1351

St.Vincent de Paul—
Marge Westrup 503-281-7075 Mary Clare O’Brien 503-309-7639

The Haitian Project—
Steve Holmes 503-706-7937
Megan Callahan, Garage Sale Chairperson 503-806-6871