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Many skills needed for The Madeleine’s disaster planning

Some parishioners have volunteered to help with the Madeleine’s disaster planning project -- for which we thank you -- but we still need additional volunteers to help our parish prepare for major disasters, whether natural or human-caused.

At Father Mike’s direction, The Madeleine Safety & Security Committee has started the work, but it needs parishioners, including retirees, to help in several areas.

After the initial review of the state of readiness and security within all parish and school facilities has been completed, the next step will be to strengthen emergency plans and procedures as needed. The result of this process will be an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the Madeleine.

Clearly, this is a big -- and important -- task and it requires expertise in many fields to support Father Mike, the staff and parish leadership in providing for the safety and security of everyone who comes into school and parish facilities.

Examples of the skills needed range from first responders to the building trades to health care, and many more. Again, the experience of retirees is invaluable. To learn more, email: safety@themadeleine.edu.