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sara dillon

First Grade Teacher


At Madeleine since: 2016

An Educator since: 2004

Education: Bachelor's Degree, University of Portland; Master's Degree, Portland State University





First Grade

My name is Sara Dillon and I am the first grade teacher at The Madeleine.  I am a Portland native, growing up in East County and attending the Centennial School District. While at PSU getting my history degree, I realized my true calling to be an educator. I transferred to University of Portland and started my journey in Catholic education. My family and I love hiking in the Gorge, working (and playing) in our garden, and spending time at Cannon Beach.  I love being creative and visiting the craft store! 


In the classroom I have two goals: for students to feel a sense of belonging and for every student to learn to the best of his or her ability. I believe education is most rewarding when teacher, parents, and students work together. This year we will tap into the student’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. Children learn best when they are allowed to explore and create, to ask questions and find answers, to think independently and work cooperatively.  We will be integrating subjects to ensure an infusion of faith, language arts, math, social studies, and science throughout the day. It is a busy learning environment, but so rewarding!