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> 5.10.16

> 3.8.16


> 9.15.15


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> 9.9.14

Parents Club Meeting Info

If you have questions about the Parent's Club, please contact Deborah Naugler at deborahnaugler@hotmail.com.

dotVolunteer System

In order to involve parents in our school community, and help keep our school running smoothly, we require each two-parent family to volunteer at least 30 hours per year -- 20 community/fundraising hours and 10 auction hours. Single parent households are required to volunteer at least 20 hours per year -- 13 community/fundraising hours and 7 auction hours.


Online Volunteer Log System

Please create an account in our online volunteer system. We will be able to send you monthly reports with your hours worked, there will be a list of upcoming opportunities, and if you are a volunteer coordinator for an event, you will get emails when people sign up to help. Here are the steps to take to create your account:



Thank you all again for the work you do for our school. Your gift of time, your most precious resource, is truly appreciated and really makes a huge difference in the quantity and quality of opportunities for our kids at the school.