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Parents Club Page Topics

Why Parents Club (includes links to parent education presentations)

Parents Club Meeting Dates

Volunteer System

Executive Committee Roster

Room Rep Roster

Parent Resource Page


Why Parents Club?

Our kids build friendships, community, and enrichment through the volunteer support of the parents. We do this in three ways:


Fundraising: Parents Club raises an average of $200,000 per year to keep tuition costs as low as possible. Our efforts provide additional funding for all our wonderful teachers and support specialists. Fundraising events include: Auction, Jogathon, Book Fairs, Kids Kreations and Scrip sales.


Parent Education: Parents are the most important educator in children’s lives. Parents Club brings us together on current topics to help us be the best influence we can be.


Community Building: Parents Club helps coordinate the unique events throughout the year that makes Madeleine so special for our families. Events include: Back to School BBQ, Mardi Gras Kids Zone, Grandparent Tea, and Talent Show.


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Parent Resource Page

We have pulled together a collection of all the wonderfully informative columns our counselor, Carolyn Ullman, and our Media Specialist, Kate Chambers, have contributed to Friday Footnotes.

Click here to visit the Parent Resource Page


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2018 - 2019 Parents Club Meeting Dates

All meetings are scheduled for 6:30pm. They are open to anyone who wants to learn about or participate in upcoming events. Please contact Alisa Pyszka at alisa.pyszka@gmail.com if you want to join us.


August 21, 2018

September 11, 2018

October 16, 2018

November 13, 2018

January 15, 2019

February 12, 2019

March 19, 2019

April 16, 2019

May 14, 2019


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dotVolunteer System

In order to involve parents in our school community, and help keep our school running smoothly, each two-parent family is required to volunteer at least 30 hours per year -- 20 community/fundraising hours and 10 auction hours. Single parent households are required to volunteer at least 20 hours per year -- 13 community/fundraising hours and 7 auction hours.


Online Volunteer System

Please create an account in our online volunteer system. We will be able to send you monthly reports with your hours worked, there will be a list of upcoming opportunities, and if you are a volunteer coordinator for an event, you will get emails when people sign up to help. Here are the steps to take to create your account:



Thank you all again for the work you do for our school. Your gift of time, your most precious resource, is truly appreciated and really makes a huge difference in the quantity and quality of opportunities for our kids at the school.


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Make It Great for the Kids

Parents Club thrives on the support of all parents. We would love for you to share your ideas and talents. If you have questions about the Parents Club, please contact Alisa Pyszka at Alisa.Pyszka@gmail.com or any of the following parents.  


Executive Committee



Alisa Pyszka



Outgoing Chair

Deborah Naugler

Room Rep Director

Michael Phillips

Parent Education

Mary Stars & Keinya Kholbecker


Cathy Bargovan & Kristen LaBarca

New Parent Coordination

Julie Baldwin



Appreciations & Support

Alison McPhee

Scrip Sales

Amanda Power


Room Reps



Brandy Mehretab

Dinice Scheihing

Brigitte Robinson

Katherine Orlowski

Rose Horton

1st Grade

Chamber Dorheim

Jennifer Battaglini

2nd Grade

Lindsie Campbell

Susie McShane

3rd Grade

Deane Carthy

Jenny Mangelsdorf

Nicole Mills

4th Grade

Kristen Labarca

Cathy Bargovan

Maria Dodson

5th Grade

Kris Thompson

Jennifer Tadjedin 

6th Grade

Heather Harvey

Kate Harpster

7th Grade

Kasey Miller

Brian Hendrickson

Gillian Beaulieu

8th Grade

Kattah Coe

Julie O’Conner

Katherine Wilson

Donna Prosser


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