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The Madeleine School Volunteer System

Track Your Volunteer Hours

See Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for volunteering at The Madeleine School!

Thank you all again for the work you do for our school. Your gift of time, your most precious resource, is truly appreciated and really makes a huge difference in the quantity and quality of opportunities for our kids at the school.

If you're here for In Parish Tuition compliance hours tracking


Please click on the appropriate button below depending on whether you are setting up your volunteer account for the first time or if you are accessing an existing volunteer account.


set up your account  access our account


If you are setting up your volunteer acount, it will only take 2 - 3 minutes. After completing the application, you will then receive an email once “approved” by the school. This is basically school staff having to “process” your information. Pending volunteers should be processed daily over the next week.


You will then receive an email where you can set up your user name and password for logging into the system. Then you will be able to see upcoming opportunities, sign up to help, or record new hours worked.

Called to Protect

If you still need to do any part of your Called to Protect training, please click here for instructions.


Questions? Just email Caryn Fiedler at cfiedler@themadeleine.edu