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August 30, 2018

Special Back-to-School Edition of Footnotes!

Five for Friday

The news you need really, really fast!

  1. Back-to-School BBQ: Click Here
  2. Order Hot Lunch: Click Here
  3. Volunteer Opportunities: Click Here
  4. Construction Update: Click Here
  5. Tee It Up for Technology Golf Tourney: Click Here

scheduleFirst Day School Schedule

Tuesday, September 4

As you know, the first day of school is Tuesday, September 4, and doors open at 8:15am.

BBQBack-to-School BBQ

September 4th @ 11:30am

Be sure to stick around right after school on Tuesday, September 4  at 11:30am for our Annual Back-to-School BBQ. Your kids always enjoy this time to catch up with their classmates. 

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constructionCampus-wide Construction Update

Summer at The Madeleine traditionally means big projects, and this summer was no different. Sandwiched in between the traditional summer cleaning and all the events we have going on throughout the campus, construction began for the Old Church Project and all its component parts, as well as The Commons Paddle Raise project. Here's what you can expect when you return to school:



There are currently 3 work sites: permanent bike shelter, north end of the school; parking lot islands, north parking lot; and accessible parking spot, school parking lot. Work will continue on these through September - the work areas will remain fenced to prevent tripping or any other injuries. The bike shelter area will be framed, and there may be materials stored on that pad until they are used.

North Wing

All work will be complete in this wing.

Parish Hall Area (5th, Kindergarten)

The west wall of the hall, adjacent to the classrooms, is a new shear wall installed to support the space above. It will have a plywood covering over most of it, with plastic covering the remainder so that additional work can be done in the walls. It will receive sheetrock and paint in the near future. 5th Grade has temporary walls separating the class from the work area. We hope to have the temporary walls painted by Sept 4th. Kindergarten is similar, though the area impacted is much smaller, in the SE corner of the room.

Middle School

Much like 5th and Kindergarten, the 7th grade has a temporary wall separating the class from the elevator work area.

Gym Restrooms

These restrooms are still under construction, on track for October 1 opening. The work area will be walled off.

Fire Suppression System

The fire sprinkler project will continue throughout the school in the months ahead. Workers will be restricted to working during non-school hours, or if working near a classroom, working when the classroom is vacant. We will utilize the Fireside Room if work in the old church is expected to be loud. Construction areas will be clearly marked, and fenced or boarded off if possible.


Parking along NE 23rd Avenue directly behind the school continues to be consumed by construction dumpsters and construction workers. Please park in our parking lots, on NE 24th or on NE 23rd next to the field.


Making "The Commons" Less Common

Thanks to everyone who supported the paddle raise at the 2017 auction, our students will return in September to a refreshed Commons area! Our very own Madeleine dad, Jason Crawley, won a competitive bid process to design, build and install the shelves and cubbies that will provide more efficient storage space in The Commons for students during the day and YDP in the afternoons. A fresh coat of paint has been applied to all surfaces. Finally, a new, more colorful area rug for the Music/YDP area should arrive by mid-September. New furniture will arrive later this fall.   


This will be a year of transition! The things we are used to will not always look the same, and there will be occasional disruption. However, the general contractor, as well as the staff, are all sensitive to these things and are open to feedback concerning the process.


Check out the Old Church Project construction page, where construction updates and photos have been posted:



As you can tell, it was a busy summer for our Business Manager, James Wurzer. If you have questions about the construction, feel free to send him an email at jwurzer@themadeleine.edu.


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Don't Forget to Order Hot Lunch!trio

Simply click over to www.triohosp.com/tms to view the menus and get instructions to place your order. If this is your first time ordering from Trio, you'll need to set up an account.


Trio prepares and serves lunch five days a week and currently serves a number of Catholic schools around Portland. A few of the highlights that this company offers:



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announcementStill a Space Available

Spread the word! We still have one space available in 1st grade for the 2018 - 2019 school year. Word of mouth has always proven to be our strongest form of marketing, so text your friends and neighbors and invite them to come for a tour and submit an application.



2018-19 School Year Room Parents

High fives to everyone on this list! 

Kindergarten: Rose Horton ~ Brandy Mehretab ~ Katherine Orlowski ~ Bridget Robinson ~ Dinice Scheihing

1st Grade: Jennifer Battaglini ~ Chamber Dorheim

2nd Grade: Lindsie Campbell ~ Susie McShane

3rd Grade: Deanne Carthy ~ Jenny Mangelsdorf ~ Nicole Mills

4th Grade: Cathy Bargovan ~ Kristen LaBarca

5th Grade: Jennifer Tadjedin ~ Kris Thompson

6th Grade: Kate Harpster ~ Heather Harvey

7th Grade: Kami Beaulieu ~ Brian Hendrickson ~ Kasey Miller

8th Grade: Kattah Coe ~ Julie O’Conner ~ Donna Prosser ~ Katherine Wilson

golfRegister Now: 6th Annual Tee It Up For Technology Golf Tournament

September 8th @ 1pm

The Madeleine School is hosting a 4 Player Scramble golf tournament at Heron Lakes on September 8th at 1:00pm. This format works well for serious, casual and novice golfers. All are welcome!


Don your flashiest golf apparel and come enjoy a wonderful day on the course to support The Madeleine School Technology program.


Register at themadeleine.edu/golf. Registration is $135 per player. Lunch will be provided on the course and a BBQ dinner after the completion of play. We'll also have on the course games and raffle prizes. Join the fun!


Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Brian Grant at bgrant@themadeleine.edu.


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schoolSchool Supply Lists

Still need to buy your Back-to-School supplies? If you've lost your child's supply list, just click here and scroll to the bottom of the page!


volunteerJump Start Your Volunteer Hours!

Four volunteer opportunities in September

Check out volunteer opportunities for the upcoming school year by logging into www.themadeleine.edu/hours.


Hello Madeleine Parents,

We hope you are enjoying the last few days of summer and looking forward to heading back to The Madeleine. While you are refreshed and in back-to-school mode, the Parents Club would love for you to start fulfilling your volunteer hours early and help with the following events.

Madeleine Golf Tournament: Saturday, September 8th

What: A 4 Player Scramble golf tournament at Heron Lakes for serious, casual and novice golfers to support The Madeleine School Technology program.

We need help running on course games. Great volunteer opportunity for those who can't get away to volunteer during the school day.
When: Begins at 1:00pm.
Sign up to help by contacting Brian Grant at bgrant@themadeleine.edu.

The Madeleine Community Picnic: Sunday, September 9th

What: This fun family event with kids games, food, and beverages builds connections within The Madeleine community across the school and parish.
We need help running games for kids and with set-up and clean-up.
When: Begins at 11:30am after 10am mass.
Sign up to help at www.themadeleine.edu/hours

Back to School Night: Thursday, September 13th

What: Catch up with Madeleine parents, meet the teachers and find out about the year ahead.
We need help with set-up and clean-up for beverages and appetizers.
When: Begins at 6:15pm
Sign up to help at www.themadeleine.edu/hours

School Auction Prep: September - October

What: Help prepare for or work the night of our '70s disco inspired evening. This year’s signature fundraising event will take place at The Madeleine School on Saturday, November 3rd.
Volunteers needed for a wide range of activities. Check out your options and sign up to help at www.themadeleine.edu/hours.


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musicMadeleine Music Program

Once again The Madeleine Music Program will benefit from the expertise of both Mr. Pederson and Dr. Manzo.


Mr. Pederson will teach all of the music curriculum while Dr. Manzo will lead two optional performance choirs (grades 3 - 8) to enhance the students' music experiences. Watch for future emails from Dr. Manzo for additional details.


Thank You Parents Club Board Members & Event Coordinators

The Parents Club Board and Event Coordinators are working hard to coordinate fun events like the Back-to-School BBQ and so much more. Please take a moment to thank these folks personally for stepping up.


Alisa Pyszka, Parents Club Chair

Michael Phillips, Room Rep Coordinator

Julie Baldwin, New Parent Coordinator/Bridge Program

Cathy Bargovan & Kristen LaBarca, Hospitality Coordinators

Amanda Power, Fundraising (Scrip & Amazon) Coordinator

Mary Starrs, Parent Education Coordinator

Allison McPhee, Appreciations & Support Coordinator

Lisa Rogers, Back-to-School BBQ Coordinator

Tiffany & Reid Cooper, St. Stephens Lunch Coordinators

Tess Strand, Social Media Coordinator

Kris Thompson, Grandparents Tea Coordinator

Julie Perko, Kids Kreations Coordinator

Molly Briscoe, Talent Show Coordinator

Kate Dankowski, Sarah McCormick, Trisha Mumm, Kelly Reavis, Jogathon Chairs

spnishAfter-School Spanish Class @ The Madeleine

Open to K - 5th

Starting on September 26, after-school Spanish class will take place right here at school from 2:45 - 3:35pm for any interested students in grades kindergarten through 5th grade.


This is a new program -- expanded to include 4th and 5th grades -- and will make a great transition into our middle school spanish program. There will be one class for kindergarten - 2nd grade and another class for 3rd - 5th grade.


Registration deadline is September 21.


Click here to see the flyer for complete details and registration information.

milkMilk Order

Did you turn in your milk order? Many of you did not, so don't be surprised if you are contacted in the near future. We assume you don't want your child to receive milk at lunch if we did not hear from you. Please note that since hot lunch comes with milk, you do not need to order it separately if you've ordered hot lunch for your child.

medicationAllergies & Medications

Please, please, please let us know if your child has a severe allergy. Both your classroom teacher and Angela Rosebrook need to be alerted.


In addition, if your child needs to take any medication at school at any point during the school year, it must be delivered by you in its original container with the required medication authorization form to Angela Rosebrook in the front office. Medications include Tylenol, eye drops, cough drops and prescriptions. The required medication authorization form can be found by clicking here.


Questions? Please talk to Angela Rosebrook in the front office.



Reconstruction Well Underway at Hogar Colegio la Milagrosa

Over $35,000 Raised for Puerto Rico at the 2017 Auction

As you may recall, in addition to the money raised to support our own school and students, 2017 auction attendees donated over $35,000 toward hurricane repairs at Hogar Colegio la Milagrosa orphange and school in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.


We're happy to report that in June we received a very positive progress report from Sister Claribel Camacho, the Director at Hogar Colegio la Milagrosa. Here's what she wrote:


It is with great joy that I write to you and thank you profusely for your great support for the reconstruction of Hogar Colegio la Milagrosa.

I am happy to tell you that construction is already well under way. Over 60% of the roof has already been installed. According to the engineer, by the end of June it will be fully installed and the exterior of all other damaged facilities repaired as well. Simultaneously, reconstruction of the building’s interior will start.

Thanks to your support, we hope to return to the living spaces in the orphanage in the fall.

Despite everything we went through over the last year and all the losses in our lives and struggles in our school, the girls worked very hard during the academic year and 93% of them achieved grade promotion.

One of our girls was adopted by a family. Three other girls will be placed with their extended families in late July. Meanwhile, the girls have been busy participating in activities such as ballet classes, performing in a summer concert and taking Zumba and art classes. In addition three new girls, ranging in age from 7 – 12 years old, joined the orphanage.

"What they did to one of these my brethren, you did for me"  Mt. 25.40


In Jesus and Mary,

Sister Claribel Camacho
Hogar Colegio La Milagrosa
Arecibo, PR


Editor's note: Thank you again to Dunetchka Oterro Serrano and Cathy Armstrong for their persistent and selfless leadership on this unprecedented appeal.

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