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November 30, 2018

A Note from Susan


Dear Parents and Guardians,

I have always loved teaching in December. I still remember the holiday projects, events, and activities that enchanted me as a child and later as a teacher. The fun officially begins next Monday as we kick off the Advent season. I hope you have plans to attend the Madeleine Marketplace on Thursday, December 6th from 2:00 to 8:00.There will be many vendors selling holiday wares, cookie decorating for the kids, Santa will be there, caroling at 5:45, and we will light the Christmas tree in front of the parish hall at 6:00. Lots of yummy food will be available---think churros, Polish dogs, spring rolls, Italian meatball sandwiches and more. Plan on having a great dinner while you shop.

Volunteers are still needed, so contact Janeen Reilly at the parish office if you would like to get a few hours in. They also need baked goods to sell so that activity also counts toward volunteer hours. Please have baked items at the kitchen by 11:00 Thursday morning.

That’s enough for today. Have a great weekend.


Five for Friday

The news you need really, really fast!

  1. Book Fair Dec 3-7: Click here
  2. Sock Drive: Click here
  3. Teacher Wish List: Click here
  4. Cookie Bake-off Dec 6: Click here
  5. Counselor's Corner: Click Here


Books for the Holidays!

Book Fair - December 3-7

Book Fair will be in the library all week - join us after school and during Madeleine Marketplace. Last chance to shop will be during coffee and donuts on Friday morning...come back to buy without your kids knowing!

All purchases benefit our school with a minimum of 50% coming back to the Madeleine to purchase new books for our library and classrooms. This makes a huge impact on providing new, up-to-date books our kids want to read!

Each Book Fair we also raise funds to purchase books for Children's Book Bank, a local non-profit organization that provides bags of books to low income children in our area that may not otherwise have books in the home. In past years, The Children's Book Bank has given over 80,000 books to more than 8,000 local children! We raise these funds through our $2 Free Dress day, donation boxes set up in the library and there will be a wrapping station for any of your Madeleine Marketplace purchases where you can donate to this cause.

Teacher wish lists will be available in the library as well if you are interested in purchasing a book for your child's classroom.



Thank you for shopping the Book Fair!

Any questions? Contact kchambers@themadeleine.edu


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Sock Sale? Sock Drive!

Through December 19th

The 3rd grade class is partnering with the Ronald McDonald House to collect brand new socks of all sizes (infant-adult). These socks will be part of the welcome package that families receive when they check into RMH. The third grade students will be also be attaching a small note to each pair of socks. There are bright green donation boxes located inside the doors of the school and church to drop your socks.



Socks sock clipart free clipart image image






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Be An Angel Among Us

Christmas Teacher Wish List

You can become a Christmas Angel by giving a gift from the "Teacher Wish List."  These items are not in the budget, but would enhance the classroom. Thanks to the many angels last year, donations to the teacher wish list provided hundreds of dollars in classroom extras! 

Click here to see the 2018 teacher wish list.  Earn your wings this year and join the many angels in our midst! 

Questions? Contact Caryn Fiedler at cfiedler@themadeleine.edu

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Madeleine Marketplace, Thursday, December 6


Got the Best Cookies Around?

Prove it...In the Madeleine Christmas cookie bake-off! December 6th

The winner in the adult category scores four-VIP seats at the 4pm Christmas Vigil and a $75 Williams and Sonoma gift certificate. The winner in the kid category wins cookies for a YEAR from Bluebird Bakers, a trophy, and a meet-and-greet with the Christmas Eve pageant animals.

Registration is $25: click here to register.

On December 6th deliver a dozen of your best cookies to The Madeleine. Winners will be announced at the tree lighting, but need not be present to win. Tie on your apron, thumb through your recipes, and bring on your best!


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What's Cool About Our School?

St. Stephen’s asked and The Madeleine answered -- with 1,004 lunches right before Thanksgiving!

Thank you Madeleine! Last week we brought in 1,004 lunches, and even though it may seem making a few extra lunches on Monday night is something rather small and simple, it has a significant impact on the greater good in our community. The grateful sighs of relief I heard when I called St. Stephen’s staff to let them know - that not only did Madeleine meet their target of 400 lunches, but would be arriving with over one thousand lunches - they utterly rejoiced. Our lunches not only nourished folks, they alleviated worry and burden to many non-profits who needed support during the long Thanksgiving weekend. Thank you! I have to say, there is something kind of magical on Tuesday morning when your children bring in their contribution, and see this incredible sea of bags accumulating at the school entrance. It enforces compassion, serving, volunteering, community, and most importantly, what we can do together one lunch at a time.

Tiffany Cooper

Madeleine St. Stephen's Coordinator

P.S. Madeleine sacks were shared in variety of ways: The Underground gathering for young people, the evening hospitality center of Operation Nightwatch, outdoors by HOMEpdx, to women and children at SAFES West shelter, and to our hungry neighbors in nearby housing!

Do you want to do it again before Christmas Break? Send an email to Susan Steele at ssteele@themadeleine.edu and let her know if you give the idea a thumbs up or thumbs down.


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Counselor's CornerImage result for gratitude clipart

Taking Time for Gratitude

Dear Madeleine Families:

Below are some words from Ysai Boussi, a local counseling practitioner. During this time of Thanksgiving, take time to think about how to make gratitude really work for you and your child. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


Of course, we all know that practicing gratitude is a good idea. The science of gratitude is clear. When practiced regularly, it decreases symptoms of depression and anxiety, while improving happiness and physical health. Despite this awareness though, most of us don't do it on a regular basis. The reason is that, even though it's a simple concept, it's actually harder than it seems. This is because we all have what's called a "negativity bias". We've evolved over thousands of years thanks to our ability to scan for negative things. That's how we've survived. Better to assume that the Saber-tooth over there is dangerous than trust that it's one of the good ones.

Our default is negative and we're battling some very, very old wiring. But our brain is plastic and can change.

Many people who practice gratitude actually don't benefit at all from it. Being grateful for "family", "friends" or "my health" doesn't do anything according to studies done on this subject. Fortunately, there has been a fair amount of research done on what the most effective ways to practice gratitude actually are.
Here are some proven tips based on research in the field of positive psychology. Don't try to do all of them, just pick one or two and try it for a week.

As you'll notice in these examples this isn't about "an attitude of gratitude". Gratitude in this way is a verb. It's an action that we deliberately have to take. It takes practice just like anything else. If you're not used to it, don't expect to be good at it right away, just try to get better.

If you're a parent, don't be discouraged if your child doesn't reciprocate at first. Be a role model and lead the way. They'll eventually follow.

Remember, this won't be easy. If you struggle with depression or anxiety (or even if you don't), your primitive brain will actively resist this because it doesn't want you to get eaten alive! But if you stick with it, you'll notice benefits within a week. The longer you persist, the more it will help. I know this from personal experience.

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Print Making

News from the Art Room

Madeleine art students grades 2-8 have started a print making unit and will be exploring elements of design that help make prints interesting and beautiful. We'll be doing collagraph, monoprints, and 5th-8th graders will be experimenting with relief printing with e-z cut blocks.

Portland is a wealth of print making art! Please chat with your student about the prints all around us, from stamps to lithographs, cool band posters and excellent screen printed t-shirts.

Also, chat with your 5th-8th graders about working carefully and following directions while using sharp cutting tools. It's not unusual to have small slip ups during relief carving, but please, let's avoid actual injury!

Mrs. Parmeter


Dance Camp 2018!

December 21 - Sign up before it's too late!

Once again The Grant Gendrils are bringing their mad skills to the Madeleine.
Join on December 21, in the Madeleine gym to learn a super fun dance routine that you can show off for the relatives after Christmas dinner.

Parents - drop those kiddies off and finish up that last minute Christmas shopping!

Check out the link to a super fun recap from Dance Camp 2017!

Sign up here!

Easel Items: Spaces Still Availablediscoball

Upcoming easel item events include:

• Holiday Cookie Bakeoff on December 6
• PJs, Popcorn and Pizza (for grades K-5) on December 8
• Christmas Basketball Clinic (grades 3 – 8) on December 20
• Dance Camp with the Grant High School Dance Team (all grades) on December 21

Click here to sign up before they sell out

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Making Giving Joyful

We recognize that the many appeals during this time of year can be a challenge for each family trying its best to be as generous as possible during the holidays. Knowing that each family has its own giving preferences, we provide many opportunities for giving to The Madeleine School throughout the year.

The Christmas season, however, proves to be a popular time for giving. We are grateful if you choose to support The Madeleine School during this holiday season! 

Any gifts received during the holiday season, will be matched by the Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation and count toward our $55,000 Annual Fund goal!

Our goal is to make giving to The Madeleine School a joyful experience for your family that aligns with your family’s wishes and timeline. For this reason, we’re providing you with an overview of upcoming events, drives, and appeals that will take place at The Madeleine School to help your family achieve your personal giving objectives.

Click here to see descriptions of upcoming events, drives and appeals taking place at The Madeleine School.

For those driven by the holiday spirit to give at the end of the year, please visit The Madeleine School Giving Page at www.themadeleine.edu/schoolgiving.

Our best to you for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Communicating with Boys

Parent's Club Presentation available

Is this what it feels like communicating with your son some days? Parents Club hosted Howard Hiton LPC on October 30th to share insights on how to better understand and communicate with the boys in your world. His presentation is now available here if you would like to learn more.

Purchases Benefit The Madeleine!

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The best part? You don’t have to do anything except use our unique Madeleine Amazon Shopping Link each and every time you shop. You can also share this link with family and friends.

Make your Amazon purchase count:
1. Click on the Amazon Shopping Link bubble found in the top right corner of Friday Footnotes or go to www.themadeleine.edu/amazon.

2. Shop and check out within 24 hours!

IMPORTANT Details!!!

If we all work to make it second nature to first click on that Madeleine Amazon Shopping Link every single time we use amazon.com, we can make some serious, easy moolah for our school. Happy shopping!

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scrip board

Online Scrip Purchase Options

Check out the convenient, new online scrip store! This new option allows for you to purchase without a processing fee from your checking or savings account or you may use your credit or debit card with a 2% processing fee to offset transaction charges. Also new is a recurring purchase option...no need to place a separate order each month! Be sure to choose which "store" you would like to purchase from depending upon how you would like to pay.

All orders made before 9:00 am on Tuesday mornings will be available for pickup at Friday Morning scrip sales in the Garden Room. Orders not picked up will be sent home with your student. With the exception of Thanksgiving week as it is a holiday week...special orders placed that week will be fulfilled by November 30th.

You can access the store at www.themadeleine.edu/scrip

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Girl's Run

Coaches Needed!

More Details...

Signup for a coach call here. If you have questions, please feel free to contact melgpdx@gmail.com.

Pancake Feed, Sunday December 9

Image result for free clip art hola

After School Spanish Sign-Up

Winter Trimester Grades K-5

Click here for all the information to enroll for Spanish classes. Enroll by January 8th, classes begin January 16.


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This Week’s Checklistcheckmark


Click Here for a Printable Checklist

(summary of important dates and events)


Advent Wreaths

December 1–2

Fresh wreaths, brass candle rings and Advent candle packs available for purchase at Masses of December 1–2.

Handel’s Messiah
Music at The Madeleine

Sunday, December 2, Church

3:00 pm – Bravo! Northwest begins its 4th season of Music at The Madeleine with Messiah...and this year, YOU, the audience can join in this fun chorus. Join the Bravo! Chorale, soloists, and chamber orchestra, conducted by Dr. Michael Kissinger. Kids are always FREE. Tickets at www.themadeleine.edu/concerts.

Immaculate Conception

Saturday, December 8

9:00 am – Mass. Commemorating Mary’s preservation from sin and the grace she received from the first moment of her existence, we join on this feast day to celebrate her ongoing intervention for us and the grace given to her from God, shared through all time and circumstance.

Communal Reconciliation

Sunday, December 9, Church

11:30 am following 10:00 am Mass – Additional priests will be on hand to hear your confession.

Sing a Song of Christmas—
The Madeleine School Christmas Program

Thursday, December 13, Church

7:00 pm – Join all of our students grades K-5 and The Madeleine Children’s Choir as we celebrate Advent and Christmas. This year, our program includes lots of familiar holiday carols as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and “Sing a Song of Christmas.”

The Madeleine Gift Tree

Through December 16

Grab a tag from our gift tree in the back of the church. Place your wrapped item back under the tree by Sunday, December 16. This year’s beneficiaries will be the Children of Incarcerated Parents Program at Northwest Family Services.

The Madeleine Choirs at The Grotto

Thursday, December 20

5:30 & 6:00 pm – Join The Madeleine Children’s Choir and The Madeleine Choir in two separate performances at The Grotto Festival of Lights. Bring the whole family and enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas at The Grotto!

Download your copy of the bulletin at www.themadeleine.edu/bulletin


FORMED—An Advent Preparation Resource

The Madeleine has purchased access to a website called “FORMED,” where you can find a wealth of information on our Catholic faith. Content is family-oriented with many programs designed especially for children. FORMED is offering short daily videos by Dr. Tim Gray to enrich your Advent preparations. Reflections for children are also available from Brother Francis to get the whole family spiritually prepped for Christmas. A simple registration is all that is required to automatically bring both reflection programs to you. Register at https://formed.org/promo/advent-reflections-registration. Check the selection that you have a FORMED account through the parish. No access code is required to receive these daily reflections, however, now would be a great time to register to take advantage of all FORMED offerings throughout the year. Sign up today at formed.org by using the Parish Access Code: QKX7TK. Access to FORMED is also available on the go by downloading the app on iTunes or Google Play Store. Questions: Darlene Maurer, dmaurer@themadeleine.edu.


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Contributing to Friday Footnotes

If you have information to contribute to Friday Footnotes, please e-mail the copy exactly as you would like it to appear in a Word document to: fridayfootnotes@themadeleine.edu. Deadline is Wednesday at 5pm, or Tuesday at 5pm if there is no school on Friday.