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January 27, 2017

A Note from Susan

Dear Parents and Guardians,

     We had a great, rousing meeting last Tuesday night with the third grade parents. The purpose was to ask this class to select/volunteer/coerce some brave parents into the role of Auction Chair for the 2017 Auction, as well as identify sub-chairs for various committees. Talk about organization and communication! This group had already surfaced leaders and so the rest of the meeting was spent on discussing themes, sub-chair roles, and listening to ideas. I am so happy to introduce next year’s Auction team. Thank you to…..Cathy Armstrong, Jim Doherty, Matt and Andrea Drapcho, Tim Resch, and Jason and Stephanie Richmond. Please give them all your support as we move forward.


Re-Registration Form Due February 1st

     Mrs. Rosebrook is receiving the re-registration forms and thanks everyone for returning them in a timely manner. I think the cut-off day is Feb. 1, but don’t be afraid to be ahead of that deadline. If you have misplaced your form, give us a call and we will be sure to send one to you. Also, please let us know if you are not returning because we need to have an idea of how many open spots we will have. Thanks for attending to this.


Catholic Schools Week

     Sunday begins Catholic Schools Week and there is a schedule of the extra activities in today’s Footnotes. I hope that everyone can join us at the 10:00 am Sunday Mass to begin the celebration of Catholic education. Students are asked to wear their uniform to Mass and gather in the back of church. We will process in by class and then students will sit with their families for the rest of Mass. We will also have some children in the choir and members of the Student Government who will be thanking our parishioners for their continuing support of our school. Hope to see all of our students on Sunday.



Five for Friday

The news you need really, really fast!

  1. Catholic Schools Week-1/29-2/3: Click Here
  2. Pennies for the Poor - 1/30: Click Here
  3. Youth Ministry Lock-in - 1/28: Click Here
  4. Open House - Spread the Word: Click Here
  5. Art Update: Click Here

nceaCatholic Schools Week

January 29 - February 3

There are lots of fun activities going on all week long. From special lunches to a Friendship Family activity to a Pennies for the Poor competition, there's a little something for everyone to enjoy!

Sunday:Parish Appreciation Day

Catholic Schools Week will kick-off with a procession of students in uniform behind their class banners at the beginning of the 10am Mass. Cookies and appreciation notes will be given to parishioners after all Masses.


Monday: Faculty & Staff Appreciation Day

We are honoring our faculty and staff both at Monday morning assembly and with a special luncheon.

Tuesday: Student Appreciation Day

Free dress, a treat at lunch and no homework! What more could a Madeleine kid hope for?!

Wednesday: Community Appreciation Day

Each class will write letters of appreciation to various community organizations. Students will also enjoy another free dress day!

Thursday: Faith Appreciation Dayballoons

The 4th grade will lead Mass.

Friday: Parent Appreciation Day

Coffee and donuts in the Main Hallway, plus a token of appreciation from students to their parents. A fun Friendship Family activity is also planned for all the students.

All Week: Pennies for the Poor

Look for the jugs in the main hallway during Catholic Schools week. All money raised by the classes will go to the Church of St. Andre Bessette. Have fun!


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Pennies for the Poorpennies

Beginning January 30

Student Government is hosting our annual Pennies for the Poor campaign during Catholic Schools Week, which begins on Monday, January 30, and wraps up on Friday, February 3. During those days, students can bring in money to fill up their class’ jugs. Pennies and dollars are worth positive points, and all silver coins are worth negative points. Whichever class has the most points in the end wins!


Once again the money we raise will be benefiting St. Andre Bessette Catholic Church, which has an outreach program that provides food and shelter for the marginalized in our community. Start saving those coins!


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A Poem for the Parish

from The Madeleine School Student Government

M is for Mission. Our mission is to welcome all people.

A is for All. All life is a gift from God here at The Madeleine.

D is for Dedicated. We dedicate our lives to serving God.

E is for education. Education is key to understanding the world God created.

L is for living. We are taught to live out the Gospel values.

E is for everyone. It takes everyone to form The Madeleine Community.

I is for individual. We are taught that every individual is to be respected and not judged.

N is for never. As in never give up.

E is for empathy. It is through empathy and compassion that we further the reign of God.


Thank you, Madeleine Parish, for your support of our parish school and Catholic Education.

open houseOpen House: Spread the Word!

It’s time to reach out to all the families who look forward to sending their kids to Madeleine next year. Word of mouth is our best marketing tool, so be sure to tell everyone you know about our Open House Events.


Parent Information Night – Monday, February 6th @ 7pm

Come hear all about the school from Principal Susan Steele, Father Mike Biewend and current parents. Visit the classrooms and enjoy conversations with current parents.

School Tours – Tuesday, February 7th from 10am - 1pm

Bring your child for a tour of the school and see the teachers and current students in action.


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Volunteers Needed for 2017 Open Housevolunteer

It’s time to welcome all the families who look forward to sending their kids to Madeleine next year. We need volunteers in the classrooms to talk to prospective families and tour guides to provide school tours. Here are the details:

Information Night – Monday, February 6
7:30pm – 8:30pm
Needed: 4 Classroom reps


School Tours – Tuesday, February 7
10:00am – 1:00 pm (in two shifts of 1.5 hours each)
Needed: 1 tour guide

Please contact Julie Baldwin at julie.juliebaldwin@gmail.com or 503-490-7731 to sign up!

artUpdate from the Art Room

Are you missing out on art? If you haven't taken the time to stroll down the STEAM hallway lately, then you've missed a lot. Your kiddos have been very busy (between snow days) creating up a storm of a different kind.


Did you miss the "Snowmen Watching Snow Fall" by 3rd grade or the one of a kind "Complete the Pictures" from 7th and 8th grade? Come marvel at the gorgeous European Paper Marbling, a highlight of 8th grade art, and their detailed chalk pastels, too.


Test your knowledge and see if you can guess which famous artist inspired the snowmen from 4th grade, then check out their sparkly, 3D snow crystals. Super-cute polar bears are roaming the hall, featuring cool colors and texture. Elementary and middle schoolers have been focused on creating realistic, deciduous trees in a variety of styles.


Coming soon: Lunar New Year and Art from Around the World. Come see what you've been missing!


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announcementEmployment Opportunity at The Madeleine School

Enthusiastic and energetic teacher needed to work with some amazing kids at the Madeleine School.

Qualifications: Previous experience working with school-age students in an educational or child care setting preferred OR coursework in child development, elementary education, special education, recreation or early childhood education.

Candidates must pass criminal background check and be willing to enroll in the Oregon Child Care Division Online Central Background Registry. Candidates must obtain an Oregon Food Handlers card and become CPR/First Aid certified.

Approximate hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 3pm-6pm; Wednesday 2:15-6pm. Hourly wage based upon experience and qualifications. Hours are approximate, but would be within the times listed. Position is available now.


Interested candidates should submit a resume to Principal Susan Steele at ssteele@themadeleine.edu.



Last Chance to get Auction Artwork

There are 10 prints still available of the amazing sixth grade “Made in Oregon” auction project. And, yes, their class project really did sell for $4200 at the auction! Now you can own a print of this beautiful artwork for $100. All proceeds go toward the auction. Here are the details:


Questions: Contact Sally Damewood at sallydamewood@gmail.com 


The Madeleine Sings Christmas

A message of Thanks.

This past Christmas season was a pretty exciting one. What first comes to mind, of course is weather, but there was also an incredible amount of excitement with the preparations for the Madeleine Christmas album. The first-one ever. And while it was unfortunate that we were not able to perform the songs from the album live for you all, it goes without saying there was an incredible amount of heart put into the effort.

YOUR KIDS WERE AMAZING! Committed, enthusiastic and - 100% signed up. Truly awesome to see how music brings us all together.
And clearly no question the value a musical education adds to the curriculum and the overall spirit of the student body.

It was a massive collaboration. If you happen to see or know any of the following people, thank them for their incredible support - whether that be time, money or overall enthusiasm for what we think is safe to say one of the most sentimental school fundraisers yet.

Our thanks to:

Maria Manzo. Music Director, piano player, Christmas music lover, director, producer, and overall patron saint of patience.

Father Mike. One of the most unconventionally inspiring humans that you may ever know in relation to religion, faith and the future.

Mrs. Steele. Her ability to roll with the idea of this undertaking. Her organization and stewardship to make it happen in an organized, non-disruptive way - shows us that not only is she the gal we want in charge, but she too must have a burning love of all things Christmas.

Teachers, faculty and staff. OMG, how you rallied. Changing up schedules, being flexible, being enthusiastic. Mr. Pedersen on the Bongos. Mrs. Rosebrook keeping everyone in line. And Deacon Mike with his jovial reminders to pre-order your CDs at the end of each mass. I swear, we have never appreciated you all more than after seeing the true leadership from our faculty and staff.

Greg Maffei. A Madeleine dad and a super talent. He is the guy who, despite his own full-time job, did all the production and design work for the CD and its promotional materials. It's a lot of work, and he was at all times as cool as a cucumber.

Tina Hanselman and her 8th graders who jumped in to hand-cut snowflakes for our CD design and promotional materials.

Sara Mattarazo / Walker Studios. This local production company was generous enough to donate the recording time so that we could make this album. They too have a love of Christmas music and couldn't resist being a part of an album with kids of all ages singing on it.

Ryan Short. He was the guy who showed up repeatedly to actually do the recording. He is a sound engineer, and he worked with Maria and her husband to do the mix and master of the final cut. What a great and PATIENT guy who also did all this work at a special discounted price.

Then there was Michael Kissenger - conductor, amazing musician and Maria's right-hand man - in life and on this production. Not to mention the outside musicians, The Madeleine Parish Choir, Tim Hagen the Madeleine Choir manager who stepped up to help sell the CDs, staff members Caryn Fiedler, Mary Prusso and Janeen Riley and ALL OF YOU - whether you showed up to be a part of the community finale or you bought a copy of The Madeleine Sings Christmas, or both! Thank you! Your support is truly appreciated.

- Kris Thompson & Jennifer Johnson

St. Stephen's Lunch Programlunches

Making a difference, one lunch at a time!

Many thanks to 3rd grade for making 177 lunches and getting us back on track after all the snow days!

Now that we are almost at the midpoint of the school year, one gentle reminder regarding no condiments on sandwiches. Why no condiments? St. Stephen's volunteers specifically made this request because eggs are on the “Big 8” of food allergens.


Madeleine School has purchased boxes of individual packets of both mayonnaise and mustard to hand out separately. If you have extra individual packets of either mustard or mayonnaise at home that you would like to donate please do. Just place in a separate plastic bag, and we will take it to St. Stephens. Thanks!


Youth Ministry Lock-In

When: Saturday, January 28 from 8pm - 8am

Who: Grades 8 - 12; all are welcome, so bring a friend!

Cost: Free!

What to bring: Sleeping bag, personal hygiene items, snacks, music/games


youthParents need to sign a permission slip, which are available at the door or in the parish office.


God Squad / Youth Group Happenings

Somewhere along the way the Church began to equate faith formation with a schooling model. Many of us were brought up under this model. We were taken to class rooms where one or two volunteers did their best to teach us all the “correct answers.”

In this model, youth are talked “at” and not talked “with.” The faith becomes a check list of beliefs that they either agree or disagree with. The result, the Church confirms 1 million youth into the Church each year then within 7 years 85% will stop practicing their faith.

It is becoming very clear to me is that if our goal is to make “intentional disciples” then we must shift our way of thinking about faith formation. We must move toward an intergenerational model that focuses on relationships and faith practices.

Last Sunday, God Squad learned about our churches beliefs of comforting the sorrowful and visiting the sick by making blankets that will be given to the Homebound Ministries at St. Charles and the Madeleine. They all expressed that they wanted the elders of the church to remember they are not forgotten and that they are loved.

Youth Group sat down with members of the St. Charles altar society. MaryLynn Pierce showed some of us how to embroider, and Linda Pashley showed some of us how to crochet. Everyone had a great time sharing, laughing and eating pizza! “I think it’s really cool that we learn from them and we teach them stuff too," said 12th grader Graysen. Our prayer is that seeds planted last Sunday will grow into a new way of doing ministry with people of all ages in our community. Stay tuned for more to come!


Questions? Contact Gabe Triplett at gabet@stcharlespdx.org.


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Mardi Gras Volunteers Needed

Our annual Mardi Gras celebration is still a few weeks away, but the planning is well underway. It’s one of the biggest events on campus each year, with people coming not only from the parish and school, but from the whole neighborhood.


To bring this off successfully, we need volunteers! We need help with setup, cleanup, food, the kids’ FunZone in the gym and much more. We’d love your help!


Please contact Janeen Reilly, jreilly@themadeleine.edu, and she’ll find just the right spot for you!

centralCentral Catholic CYO Night

January 27 @ 6pm

Central Catholic is hosting a CYO Night to encourage middle school students to attend a basketball game and check out their athletic program. To receive free admission, students can wear their CYO sports jersey.


Click here to see the flyer with dates and complete details.

Future Falcon Night at La Sallebasketball

February 3 @ 6pm

On Friday, February 3, the La Salle girls' basketball team is hosting its Future Falcon's Night. Students will receive free admission to the game, pizza, LS swag and the opportunity to meet the players and coaches. We hope to see you there!


Register online by February 2nd at www.lsprep.org.


Click here to see the flyer with complete details.

This Week’s Checklistcheckmark


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Download your copy of the bulletin at www.themadeleine.edu/bulletin


Children’s Liturgy of the Word help needed!

“Let the children come to me and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”—Luke 18:16

Is the Lord calling you to serve the children of the parish? Children’s Liturgy of the Word needs more catechists particularly for the 1st through 6th grade group. If you are interested please contact Julie Onderko, jonderko@themadeleine.edu

St. Patrick’s Dinner....save the date

The Knights of Columbus annual St. Patrick’s Dinner is March 11 in the Parish Hall. Save the Date! Watch the bulletin and online for more information coming very soon!


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