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January 20, 2017

A Note from Susan

Dear Parents and Guardians,

     Welcome back from our unexpected “snowcation.” Wasn’t that an experience….one that we won’t have again for a few years, I hope. The Archdiocesan Department of Catholic Schools sent out parameters and accommodations on how we are going to make the time up and after consultation with our School Advisory Council, teachers, and Fr. Mike here is the plan:

     We have had 8 snow days this year, instead of 9, because Jan. 17th was already calendared as an accreditation work day and the students did not have school. So…..
      - 2 snow days are automatically planned for in the school calendar
      - 2 snow days have been “forgiven” by the Archdiocese
      - 4 snow days will be made up on Feb.3, Feb. 20, Feb. 21, and April 14
      These four days will now be student school days. I am sure that many families have made plans for these days and will not be able to get the kids to school. Please do not stress about it. We know that no matter what days were chosen, someone would have a conflict. Now let’s cross our fingers that we are finished with snow days for this year.


Open House - Spread the Word

     We are already getting ready for the 2017-2018 school year. Our Open House for prospective families will be February 6th and February 7th, with an information night for prospective parents on Monday night and school tours on Tuesday. If you know of anyone who might be interested in joining our school community, please have them come or give me a call for information. I maintain that the best marketing we can do is “word of mouth.” More details about the Open House days are in today’s Footnotes.


Re-Registration Form Due February 1st


     In today’s folder is the annual re-registration form for 2017-2018. If your child will be returning to The Madeleine next year, you must fill out the form and return it to the office. We need an accurate count of how many open spots we might have in order to register new students. Please take a minute and fill out the form if you know of your plans for next year. It will make Angela’s job so much easier if she can collect the forms by February 1st. If you have a child who will be 5 before September 1st and wish to enroll him/her in Kindergarten, please include that child on the re-registration form, too. Because of the snow days, the book fee is not due until February 15th.



Five for Friday

The news you need really, really fast!

  1. Deadline to Order Hot Lunch - 1/24: Click Here
  2. Open House - Spread the Word: Click Here
  3. Youth Ministry Lock-in - 1/28: Click Here
  4. Pennies for the Poor - 1/30: Click Here
  5. Madeleine in the Snow: Click Here


Order Now to get Hot Lunch in February

Deadline = January 24th

The deadline is fast approaching to sign up for hot lunches served during February. Weather-related credits for the January snow days have been applied to your account.


Now that we have added three snow make-up days in February, additional menu items have been added. If you have already placed your February order, you may amend your order to add hot lunch for those days. Just be sure to do it before the deadline on January 24th!


Click here to review the monthly menu, place your order and make your payment.


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open houseOpen House: Spread the Word!

It’s time to reach out to all the families who look forward to sending their kids to Madeleine next year. Word of mouth is our best marketing tool, so be sure to tell everyone you know about our Open House Events.


Parent Information Night – Monday, February 6th @ 7pm

Come hear all about the school from Principal Susan Steele, Father Mike Biewend and current parents. Visit the classrooms and enjoy conversations with current parents.

School Tours – Tuesday, February 7th from 10am - 1pm

Bring your child for a tour of the school and see the teachers and current students in action.


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facebookHelp Market The Madeleine School

At this time of year when so many families are deciding which schools to apply to, your active support of the school on social media with a 'Like' or by sharing our posts helps spread the word about our incredible school.


Add The Madeleine School to your Facebook feed today!


Madeleine on Facebook: Click here to check us out

Pennies for the Poorpennies

Beginning January 30

Student Government is hosting our annual Pennies for the Poor campaign during Catholic Schools Week, which begins on Monday, January 30, and wraps up on Thursday, February 2. During those days, students can bring in money to fill up their class’ jugs. Pennies and dollars are worth positive points, and all silver coins are worth negative points. Whichever class has the most points in the end wins!


Once again the money we raise will be benefiting St. Andre Bessette Catholic Church, which has an outreach program that provides food and shelter for the marginalized in our community. Start saving those coins!


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churchMadeleine in the Snow

I thought you might enjoy the photo below of this male Anna's hummingbird at the art room window feeder. I visited school before daybreak every morning of the cold spells to tend the feeders and have been privileged to witness some beautiful moments such as rosy sunrises, serene winter wonderlands, and standing inches from this little sweetie. Hand warmers and bubble wrap in the pie tin help keep the nectar from freezing. A section of a large plastic cup keep snow and ice from blocking the feeding ports.

  - Mrs. Galash




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Youth Ministry Lock-In

When: Saturday, January 28 from 8pm - 8am

Who: Grades 8 - 12; all are welcome, so bring a friend!

Cost: Free!

What to bring: Sleeping bag, personal hygiene items, snacks, music/games


youthParents need to sign a permission slip, which are available at the door or in the parish office.


Questions? Contact Gabe Triplett at gabet@stcharlespdx.org.


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Future Falcon Night at La Sallebasketball

February 3 @ 6pm

On Friday, February 3, the La Salle girls' basketball team is hosting its Future Falcon's Night. Students will receive free admission to the game, pizza, LS swag and the opportunity to meet the players and coaches. We hope to see you there!


Register online by February 2nd at www.lsprep.org.


Click here to see the flyer with complete details.

This Week’s Checklistcheckmark


Click Here for this week's handy Checklist



Download your copy of the bulletin at www.themadeleine.edu/bulletin


Linda Jones, Early Childhood Development Expert, to speak

11:30 this Sunday, Fireside Room

The catechists for Children’s Liturgy of the Word are inviting the parish to a presentation that Linda Jones will be giving in the Fireside Room this Sunday Jan 22nd. The talk focuses on nurturing our own relationship with God in order to serve the children He has put in our lives with practical helps. Refreshments at 11:30, Linda’s talk 12:00, small group discussions and Q & A with Linda 12:30-1:00.

Linda Jones is an inspirational speaker who is often solicited by Catholic schools and parishes to support catechists who serve children. She currently teaches at Portland Community College in Early Childhood Development. Linda is from Resurrection Parish, she is a wife, mother and grandmother.


Thank you to our snow shovelers!

We called (well, emailed), and you answered!

More than 30 people—parents and kids, school families and parishioners—responded within minutes to our call during Snowpocalypse on Thursday, January 12. You walked, sledded, tobogganed and drove your way here and made short work of the foot of snow that had made our campus impassable

We hosted a funeral on Friday, so your help was absolutely essential to conducting the Mass for the Burger family. Thank you so very much for your help.

The church and grounds sure were beautiful blanketed in snow.
Now, is everyone ready for spring?


Congratulations for making it all the way to the end of Friday Footnotes!

Contributing to Friday Footnotes

If you have information to contribute to Friday Footnotes, please e-mail the copy exactly as you would like it to appear in a Word document to: fridayfootnotes@themadeleine.edu. Deadline is Wednesday at 5pm, or Tuesday at 5pm if there is no school on Friday.