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Rental Info


Contact James Wurzer at jwurzer@themadeleine.edu



The Madeleine Field of Dreams

The Madeleine Field of Dreams is a neighborhood destination for parishioners, children, neighbors and athletic teams wishing to rent the field for practices and camps. As the field is in high demand, the parish and school have worked out usage and rental rules and general usage rules to maintain a balance of open use and rental activity.

If you are interested in renting the field, or just checking out if it is open, please check out the calendar.

To request a field rental, please confirm that your dates and times are available, and fall within the allowed rental hours in the rules, and then submit your request using our webform.

For questions, please contact James Wurzer at jwurzer@themadeleine.edu.



Rental Availability Hours

Reservation Windows

Spring/Summer Reservations: 

Fall/Winter Reservations:

Reservation Prices

Reservations may only be made in one-hour increments.

Other Field Rules