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Carolyn Ullman

School Counselor

At Madeleine since 2011

An educator since 1980

Education: Master's Degree in Counseling, Portland State University; Nationally Certified Counselor


I have worked in education my entire career and have taught and served as counselor in many school districts on the east and west coasts and have much Catholic school experience.  I am very happy to serve the Madeleine community. 

I have chosen education and counseling as my career for two reasons. First, it is imperative that all students, but especially children with challenges, succeed academically, socially/emotionally and spiritually in order for them to have options in the world of higher education and work. Secondly, the nature of schools allows for the long term, organic relationships with children, families and the school community.

I believe that my exposure to different experiences and my wisdom as an educator/counselor helps me see the systems approach to education and intervention and how that serves the whole child. I feel that my experience and training in counseling has helped me to become more aware of the needs of everyone in a school community. I continually gain new understanding of my role as a educator/counselor and am reminded of the need to be a lifelong learner.  In my free time, I enjoy the myriad of cultural experiences Portland has to offer, expose myself to reading, research and experiences that make me better at what I do, and finally, I always have a household project in the works.

What does a school counselor do?

The professional school counselor is a certified/licensed educator who addresses the needs of all students. Their work is differentiated by attention to age-specific developmental stages of student growth and the needs, tasks, and student interests related to those stages. School counselors work with all students, including those who are considered "at-risk" and those with special needs. They are specialists in human behavior and relationships who provide assistance to students through four primary interventions: counseling; group guidance; consultation; and coordination.

COUNSELING is a confidential relationship in which the counselor meets with students individually and in small groups to help them resolve or cope constructively with their problems and developmental concerns.

GROUP GUIDANCE is a planned, developmental, program of group activities designed to meet student needs in the areas of: Academics, Careers and Personal/Social.

CONSULTATION is a collaborative partnership in which the counselor works with parents, teachers, administrators, medical professionals, and community health personnel in order to plan and implement strategies to help students be successful.

COORDINATION The counselor assists parents in obtaining needed services for their children through a referral and follow-up process and serves as liaison between the school and community agencies so that they may collaborate in efforts to help students.

Above all, school counselors are student advocates who work cooperatively with other individuals and organizations to promote the development of children, youth, and families in their communities.