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Ida GalAsh

Art Teacher

At Madeleine since 2010

An educator since 2009

Education: Bachelor's Degree, Portland State University



My name is Ida Galash and The Madeleine community has been part of my life for 25 years as a parishioner, school parent, and volunteer.  This newest role, as an art teacher, that I entered in February 2010 is one I embrace with enthusiasm.  Born and raised in Oregon, I have always been captivated by the state’s natural beauty.  One of my favorite quotes is “Nature is the Art of God” and I can think of no better place to bring this philosophy to life than here at the Madeleine.   A self-taught artist for most of my life, I eventually returned  to school to continue my education and pursue the goal of becoming a certified art teacher.  I feel blessed to find myself teaching art at The Madeleine.

I teach art to all students, grades K through 8, so the Art room is a very busy place!   Students  experience a variety of media and techniques, from paint to pastels and papier mache to pointillism. Students learn the basic building blocks of art, such as mixing their own colors, along with the elements of art and principles of design and how to combine these into their work.  They are introduced to artists, contemporary and from the pages of history, and learn to talk about art. Middle School students complete and present an in-depth research project on an artist.  Students will paint, draw, print, sculpt, construct, and work with fibers.  

The Art room is a place for exploration and discovery.  A favorite spot in my room is a shelf  filled with bird nests, shells, real butterflies, squishy, tactile things, a vapor-making light and other goodies that I hope foster a sense of wonder.  Art is non-competitive.  One need not be a straight A student or talented athlete to make beautiful or expressive things and realize the sense of accomplishment that creating art can bring.  Art is a journey not a destination. 

In my spare time I enjoy gardening, camping, baking, reading, and making art.  I play the Celtic harp and am a black-belt in Korean Taekwon do and also study Shaolin Kung Fu. My husband, Neal, and I have 3 children: Emily, Jacob, and Adrian.