JOgathon Co-Chairs

Shelby Walker

Kelsi Charlesworth


Sponsor the Jogathon

If you'd like to sponsor The 2018 Madeleine Jogathon, contact:

Trisha Mumm
Kelly Reavis
Kate Dankowski
Sarah McCormick

  Backflip Productions

The Refinery


Mottau & Company

maria fitzgerald realty







There are lots of fabulous prizes this year! Prizes will be awarded to the following:


The $$ Money Jump $$ Cash Prize:

During the Money Jump, each teacher will draw one entry name for their class. That person will jump for cash. To be eligible for the Money Jump students must have pledges entered by April 27 for the Money Jump scheduled for the week of April 29 and by May 4 for the Money Jump scheduled during the week of May 6. Students who have a total of $100 in flat amount pledges get one entry in the Money Jump drawing. If you have $200 in total flat amount pledges, you get two entries. If you have $300 in total flat amount pledges, you get three entries! The more pledges you have, the more times your name is entered into the Money Jump. $500 or more automatically jumps. If a student’s name is drawn at the first money jump, they will not be eligible to jump again.


Challenge Grant

Braces by Dr. Joe has committed to a $500 challenge grant. They are awarding $250 to the class that raises the most money, and $250 to the class with the most participation


In addition, prize incentives will be given to students on Monday morning assemblies based on fundraising and participation. Stay tuned for details as prizes will change weekly!

*Please note in order to be eligible for prizes students must raise $175 minimum. Laps run offsite (not at the Field of Dreams) will not count toward prizes.

Pledges must be entered by May 10 and collected by May 24 to be eligible for prizes.