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Ticket questions?


Auction Chairs

Cathy Armstrong

Jim Doherty

Andrea Drapcho

Matt Drapcho

Tim Resch

Jason Richmond

Stephanie Richmond



Tickets Sold Out!

Our event is sold out. But you can still get in on the fun through our Easel Items.


Ticket FAQ

How do I order a ticket?

Tickets are sold out for our 2017 auction. But you can still get in on the fun through our Easel Items.

Will I get an actual ticket?

No, you'll receive a receipt for your purchase and a "reservation" will be made in your name then held at the door for Check In on Auction Night.

Can I sit with so-and-so?

We do our very best to accommodate your requests. At the time of your ticket purchase, make sure to complete the seating preference portion.

Adjustments to the seating plan cannot be made at the door on Auction Night. So, please consider who you'd like to be seated with and let us know ahead of time.

Is the Auction only for Madeleine families?

No. We love to show off our school to grandparents, relatives, alumni and friends. This is a great opportunity to share the school with someone who's considered Madeleine as an option for their children's education.

Does the Auction sell out?

The 2017 auction is sold out.

What if I have questions?

Send an email to and you'll get an answer right away.