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Julie and Steve Slavik
announced as Honorary Chairs of the 2016 Madeleine Auction

Steve & Julie Slavik, Hononrary chairs of Madeleine Round-Up, the 2016 Madeleine AuctionWhen Julie and Steve Slavik moved to Northeast Portland in 1987 with their four young children, they immediately joined The Madeleine Parish and started getting involved in the community and its ministries.

Julie became a catechist and coordinated sacramental preparation for First Reconciliation and RCIA. Steve (known to many as “Coach Steve”) volunteered as a coach for neighborhood t-ball and baseball teams, and founded the Annual Northeast Portland St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year.

Through teaching, coaching, and community building, the Slaviks have been examples of living life guided by Gospel values. And their strongest commitments have been to the children of our parish and neighborhood.

Even after his own kids were out of school, Steve volunteered to coach Madeleine CYO teams when an extra coach was needed. And his dedication to the life of the parish is reflected in the many ways he serves our community. Julie says “For Steve, it’s about doing the little things that need to be done to help people. You put the hymnals away after Mass, you mow your neighbor’s grass when he’s sick.”

Julie began teaching at The Madeleine School in 1998. And her approach to guiding students toward finding the best in themselves is reflected in a question she often asked her students: What piece of Christ do you have in you?

“Qualities like compassion and a desire to help others are innately present in kids,” says Julie. “If we just nurture and model those qualities, the kids rise to that.”

For 18 years as a teacher at The Madeleine School, Julie did model the Gospel values for her students. And if you ask any of the hundreds of kids she has taught, they will tell you that her classroom was indeed a nurturing – and fun – place to be.

Please join us in honoring and thanking Julie and Steve for their commitment to the children of The Madeleine School and Parish.